Our VoIP solutions include: SIP Trunking;  Hosted VoIP and Managed  VoIP solutions; all tailored to customer's specific needs.

Affiniti's VoIP offering allows customers to consolidate voice, video, and data communications into a single infrastructure. Affiniti customers focus on VoIP technologies because of its lower cost, enhanced security, and increased collaboration capabilities. Affiniti's managed VoIP solution also helps reduce customers' internal support needs for their voice infrastructure.

Want to learn more about SIP Trunking? Download Affiniti's SIP Trunking Overview.

Want to learn more about Hosted VoIP? Download Affiniti's Hosted VoIP Overview.

Affiniti's Managed VoIP solution utilizes ShoreTel systems which are capable of standard PBX functions such as dial-tone, unified messaging, three-way calling, call-waiting, and one-to-one video conferencing, and is built upon a distributed architecture ensuring that there is no single point of potential failure.