Wide Area Networks

Our WAN services provide an end-to-end managed solution, with industry leading uptime guarantees to ensure our customer’s mission critical connections are always available.

Leveraging our reliable network infrastructure, Affiniti connects our multi-site customers to the data and applications they need to succeed.  Our various Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions, efficiently deliver secure data, improve application performance and simplify network management.  Whether you have two or 200 locations, Affiniti can deliver a customized WAN solution to keep your organization connected.

Affiniti knows WANs.  Take a look at how the Affiniti WAN Connect solutions can help improve your connectivity.

  • Virtual Private Routed Network (VPRN): Fully managed, configured and routed multi-point Ethernet Layer 3 solution. Our carrier-class core MPLS backbone provides unmatched dependability, while your data stays secure across your WAN.  Our experts help you design the network you want, with a host of advanced technical options and virtualized routing protocols.  Affiniti’s VPRN solution gives you maximum operability, and our support team proactively monitors its performance 24x7X365. An end-to-end solution, seamlessly connecting your locations, built for growth.
  • Private LAN Service (VPLS): Connecting your buildings across a fully managed, point-to-multipoint network has never been easier.  Powered by Ethernet technology, our private Layer 2 solution provides control of network routing while maintaining performance.  You route your network, we provide transport over our MPLS backbone.  With 24x7x365 monitoring and management, your locations stay connected with scalable, reliable and fast technologies.
  • Ethernet Private Line Services:  Two locations need connected?  Our fast, reliable point-to-point Layer 2 solution efficiently connects your locations with high-capacity transport.  Using Ethernet technology, your buildings stay connected and you control the routing, while staying protected with our 24x7x365 support team.

Internet Access

Gateway and peering services are available to help interconnect customers to the content and networks they need.

Affiniti knows reliable Internet access is a requirement of the 21st century experience in our schools, hospitals and communities. Web-based Internet applications and content require speed, support and connectivity, and we have a range of Internet services to meet these demands.

Take a look at how Affiniti’s Internet solutions can help you stay online.

Affiniti Enterprise Connect: Dedicated Internet for mission critical connectivity

Our highest quality, highest availability Internet Access is always on. Affiniti’s reliable MPLS backbone network securely delivers equal upload/download bandwidth, with redundant Internet Points of Presence (POPs) to ensure availability. 24x7x365 support and network performance reports are available to monitor your usage, and bandwidth is easily scalable to multiple Gbps, so when you need more, it’s there.

Affiniti EdConnect: Dedicated Internet access for schools and libraries across the country.

Our highest quality, highest availability Internet Access is always on, with available connections to national education research networks and Internet 2 connectivity. Stay connected to web-based curriculum, explore distance learning and leverage the power of EdConnect Internet to empower your students and teachers. EdConnect Internet offers delivers equal upload/download bandwidth, with redundant Internet Points of Presence (POPs) to ensure availability. 24x7x365 support and network performance reports are available to monitor your usage, and bandwidth is easily scalable to meet the demands of the modern classroom, to multiple Gbps.

Affiniti Business Connect: Power your small/medium business with reliable business-class Internet.

Offering fast up-to speeds and affordable connections to keep your business running smoothly, Affiniti’s BusinessConnect Internet access is available up to 50Mbps, with 24x7x365 live support and local field dispatch for repairs.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Our VoIP solutions include: SIP Trunking;  Hosted VoIP and Managed  VoIP solutions; all tailored to customer’s specific needs.

Affiniti’s VoIP offering allows customers to consolidate voice, video, and data communications into a single infrastructure. Affiniti customers focus on VoIP technologies because of its lower cost, enhanced security, and increased collaboration capabilities. Affiniti’s managed VoIP solution also helps reduce customers’ internal support needs for their voice infrastructure.

Want to learn more about SIP Trunking? Download Affiniti’s SIP Trunking Overview.

Want to learn more about Hosted VoIP? Download Affiniti’s Hosted VoIP Overview.

Affiniti’s Managed VoIP solution utilizes ShoreTel systems which are capable of standard PBX functions such as dial-tone, unified messaging, three-way calling, call-waiting, and one-to-one video conferencing, and is built upon a distributed architecture ensuring that there is no single point of potential failure.

Managed Network Services

Our 24 x 7 x 365 network operations centers proactively monitor network performance and availability with prompt issue resolution.

Affiniti offers a full suite of managed network services. Our innovative and experienced team of Networking and Service engineers design deploy and maintain scalable solutions tailored to meet client’s specific needs.

For more information on Managed Services, Download Affiniti’s Managed Services Overview.

Managed Services include:


  • Managed Router Services
  • Managed Firewall/UTM Services
  • Colocation
  • Disaster Recovery


  • Outsourced NOC Services


  • Custom Network Designs
  • Network Deployment
  • Network Optimization
  • Network Planning and Expansion


  • Spare depots for service restoration
  • Field personnel for onsite response and repair